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-10% Freejump Stijgbeugelriemen New 2020

-10% Freejump Stijgbeugelriemen New 2020

€ 169.00 € 153.00

Bijpassende stijgbeugelriemen van Free Jump. Maat M is voor een persoon van 1m50 tot 1m75. Large is voor personen groter dan 1m75 The new PRO GRIP offering: Leathers internal grip for a true gripping effect to the saddle ; As a results the stirrups are in a more stable position ; No grip necessary between the boots (or chaps) and the couple leathers/saddle, limiting the secondary effects of boots glue, and allowing the legs to remain free in their movements ; Grip mounted on a velcro strap for an easy replacement ; Leathers supplied also with a leather strap (mounted on velcro) with no grip; Special rubber material with a surface for maximum desired grip ;



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